How modern technologies are used in basketball?

The development of modern technology has greatly influenced the training of athletes, and basketball is one of the sports that has especially succumbed to technological influences.

Technologies in basketball are massively used not only directly during the game – in the form of improved conditions for referees to view controversial moments, graphic support for broadcasts and much more, but have also become an important part of training basketball players outside the arena.

VR system for basketball players

In particular, many basketball schools and university teams in the United States began to actively use the VR system. When using special devices, young players are allowed to simulate various situations in the game without leaving the court, thus developing the coordination of the athlete’s movements and increasing speed of decision making.

Progress has already reached the point that with the help of special programs, a rookie basketball player can load a simulator of the game against the NBA stars of the first magnitude into his VR device, and play against them “alone for one “. And do not leave your own training room or even a room in your apartment. In the era of the coronavirus pandemic, this opportunity has been particularly valuable for athletes.

VR system for basketball broadcasting

More recently, mobile phones were a rarity, and you could only dream of watching a match broadcast on their screen. And now there are social networks, and broadcasts in them, and a 360-degree view, and virtual reality.

It’s a very unique experience to watch the game in virtual reality – to be on the court, on the bench during a timeout, to see how the attack develops. By switching cameras, you can watch the coach’s work – his facial expressions, gestures, movements. You are on another continent, and it feels like you are right in the hall – on the podium or on the platform. This only adds excitement for those who like to bet on basketball.

For  players,  it will be especially interesting to see in all details from different angles the movements of LeBron James or Stephen Curry. There are just small details that may be invisible to the audience or not interesting, but for the players they are of great importance. For professional players, it is important, for example, to see how to  position the legs at an angle of 20-30 degrees and other small details.

Does this technology affect betting on basketball?

New technologies in basketball, as noted earlier, have significantly improved the collection of data and statistics on different players and entire teams, which gives players better understanding on which teams to bet. Do not forget to bet responsibly.