Modern technologies in Аmerican football

Nowadays, modern technologies are used in almost all sports – American football is no exception.In addition to traditional areas of application like training process and broadcasting of matches, American football uses non-conventional solutions that make this sport more accessible to fans. Modernization in American football affects not only the players and preparation for the match, but the whole sport as a whole.

 Headphones in a helmet

This technology is needed to facilitate communication between the player and the Turner headquarters. Headphones in a helmet became a significant advantage for the team, as the idea came up to equip all players with the same equipment for better interaction. The rules of American football had to be rewritten. 

City-like stadiums

Of course, football stadiums usually have their own wireless connection these days. However, not everyone can compare to Levi Stadium. For example, you can order food without getting up from your seat, or even check if it is worth getting up and queuing for the bathroom. 

Other NFL stadiums are expected to follow suit and invest additional funds in wireless connections, mobile apps to connect with fans and reservation of parking spaces before the big game, as well as these larger-than-life screens. The NFL’s entertainment business is challenged to keep up with technological advances in 2021 and beyond.

VR for real results

Finally, coaches realized what so many VR players have long ago understood –  a virtual reality experience is almost as good as the real thing. So instead of drawing on the board, they’ll just give their quarterbacks a VR headset and walk them through the game.

It is also very useful for analyzing older games. A couple of years ago, the Patriots, Vikings, 49ers, and Eagles were pioneers in VR training, but other teams have recognized their progress and are looking for the best VR offerings to take advantage of.

Alexa’s educational app

Amazon and the National Football League have teamed up to create a standalone voice-based app designed to educate fans. It’s called the NFL Beginner’s Guide to the NFL, and it is expected to answer a variety of questions, from the trivial about a player’s height or campus to identifying differences between strategies or explaining broadcast jargon. The goal of the creators was to encourage fans to access whatever information they want while watching the game. 

Will this influence betting on football?

No one can give you a guarantee, but this will definitely have an impact on the popularity of football and as a result more people will bet. You can also use technologies to do better analysis for betting or bet on teams which use advanced technologies.